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The Valley Loop Trail circles Yosemite Valley, wandering through forests at the base of the towering granite cliffs. Light-gray granite boulders often litter the ground, and numerous creeks and brooks cross the path. In some areas a variety of plants grow below the trees, while in other places the spaces between tree trunks is open and covered with pine needles. Glimpses of the various formations fn the canyon walls appear between the branches frequently.

The entire loop is 13 miles in length, but can be hiked in short segments. The trail parallels Northside and Southside Drives, and although they are usually lost to view in the trees, they are usually just a short distance away. A number of intersecting trails connect them. The official trail extends from the Pohono Bridge to a footbridge below Yosemite Falls, but a shortcut can be made at the El Capitan Crossover. The hike can be extended further into the valley on other trails also.

The Valley Loop Trail is convenient for leisurely walks and most of it is not too difficult. Mosquitoes can be annoying, but the trail is quiet and uncrowded.

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